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Book Catamaran
We are happy to share the fundamental goal that drives Akdeniz Katamaran Yatçılık, Turizm & Sanayi Tic. A.Ş. and the brand and logo of “Book Catamaran,” which we have created under our company.

Our goal is to offer you, our valued customers, who work all year round with only a few weeks of vacation, a stress-free and unforgettable catamaran holiday, which you will remember with pleasure for the rest of your life. We aim to make your holiday on the sea an extraordinary experience with our various catamaran models, from among which you can choose according to your family’s needs.

The main reason we set out to do this was the overall lack of professionalism in the yacht, boat and catamaran rental sector, where we have raised the bar in terms of customer satisfaction. As the company’s founders, we have tried to enjoy our holidays with yacht tourism every year for the last 10 to 15 years. However, the lack of corporate structure in this business, the vast difference between the reality and what is advertised on holiday programmes and on the internet, the disregard for customer satisfaction, and, most importantly, the common perception of guests as mere one-time customers, led to most of our holidays ending in frustration. So, every year, we had to seek new avenues, as we were never satisfied with the services we received.
As people who have worked many years as senior managers in companies offering professional services, we found that there was a great difference between our views of customer satisfaction and those of the companies that lack corporate awareness. And since there were no companies to meet this demand, we have entered this business to help you experience total customer satisfaction in the yacht tourism sector.

To offer you an unforgettable holiday, and to view you as a regular customer, is our overriding goal. Along with our entire team, we are happy to provide you with the best possible service, so you can enjoy your holiday in peace and joy in Turkey’s most beautiful coves and lagoons, which cannot be matched anywhere else in the world.

We strive to make you our regular customer in hopes that you will recommend us, without a second thought, to your friends and acquaintances.

We thank you in advance for selecting our services.

Best Regards,
Book Catamaran Management